Closing down Dr Burzynski

Chemotherapy often doesn’t work. Everyone admits it’s not a perfect treatment. So, why, when a man comes along with a new approach that seems to yield amazing results, does the US medical establishment and the FDA unite to try and close him down and even put him in jail?

If you believe Big Pharma is all about curing people and increasing human wellbeing – you probably shouldn’t watch this movie.

Ultimately, it’s not about whether Burzynski’s therapy is a complete cure or simply another partial answer, it’s about whether people have the right to full information on all medical options, and whether the medial establishment is there to serve us or the drug company monopolies.

Oh btw – after twenty years of calling him a fraud, the United States stole Burzynski’s patent and registered his therapy for themselves.

No, really.

5 thoughts on “Closing down Dr Burzynski

  1. Reblogged this on Digital Empire and commented:
    A very interesting post by La Chatte Noire. A video about the FDA and their attempts at suppressing cancer research. Over a span of more than 30 years, Dr. Burzynski had in his hands, a working cure for cancer, but because of corruption and the status quo, the FDA concealed it from the public.


  2. Dr. Burzynski and his son were interviewed by Dr. Mercola and you can find that interview on Mercola’s website. Nowadays, they have added extensive gene analysis and therapy to their antineoplastin treatment. Dr. Burzynski seems to be thriving, thank God, after the foul treatment he suffered by the medical and pharmaceutical establishments.


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