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ITAR-TASS: World – Nine EU states ready to block attempts to impose economic sanctions on Russia — source

ITAR-TASS: World – Nine EU states ready to block attempts to impose economic sanctions on Russia — source.

BRUSSELS, July 15. /ITAR-TASS/. Nine European Union member states are ready to block any attempts to impose new economic sanctions on Russia at a summit on July 16, a diplomatic source in a Western European country’s permanent representation to the European Union told ITAR-TASS on Tuesday.

“France, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia and Italy, which currently holds the EU presidency, see no grounds under the present circumstances for sectoral trade and economic sanctions against Russia, and they will oppose these measures at the summit,” the diplomat said.

“That is what the situation looks like now at the European Union Committee at the level of permanent representatives, which usually accurately reflects the alignment of forces ahead of an EU meeting,” the diplomat said, noting that economic sanctions against Russia required unanimous backing of all 28 EU countries, and each member state had the power to veto EU decisions.

3 thoughts on “ITAR-TASS: World – Nine EU states ready to block attempts to impose economic sanctions on Russia — source

    • The article you post the link to is mad Banderist drivel. But what is even more alarming is this: Mychailo Wynnyckyj PhD Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

      I always wondered what the purpose of a Chair of Ukrainian Studies might be in a Western University?

      Clearly it was not so much a ‘chair’ as a commode. And the product is what we are seeing today in the form of Ukrainian Banderist Academics – a trifecta of a tautology!


  1. And along comes MAL and some convenient trickery by CIA-led Ukraine. Cui bono?

    The CIA had ‘its own plane’ shot down over Sakhalin (KAL Flight 007) several decades ago. That time too the US needed an excuse to scuttle the SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty) talks. The cherry on top was the damage done to the Olympic games to be held in the USSR and largely boycotted as a result of the conspiracy to have KAL 007 shot down.

    Here is a website. It can lead you to the template of this extremely timely shoot-down – just when the appetite for US led sanctions against Russia was failing.

    I hate quoting the NYT as I find them far worse than RT. But use the story to take you to other links. You will be surprised by what you find. The seminal work on that conspiracy/false flag provocation was called “Shootdown” and there was a movie based on it. But the book is definitive.


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