Reality / Ukraine

Death from a sea of sunflowers…


From the GCHQ-owned Grauniad….

A Ukrainian shell hit a town on the Russian border, killing one person and seriously injuring two others, Russia’s foreign ministry said. The ministry labelled the incident a provocation and warned of the possibility of “irreversible consequences, the responsibility for which lies on the Ukrainian side”. Russia said the shell hit the courtyard of a residential building in the Russian town of Donetsk early on Sunday. The town borders Ukraine’s restless east, where a pro-Russia separatist insurgency has waged a three-month-long battle with the Kiev government.

Picture the scene….

A coup in Mexico installs a pro-Russia regime. The old president flees. The world has watched Sergey Lavrov embracing the new leaders and talking about a victory for eastern democracy and predicting Mexico will soon be in the Eurasian union. A prominent Russian general talks about Mexico joining a military alliance.

Northern Mexico rebels against the new coup government. It appeals to have its grievances heard but is met by brutal oppression. The new anti-US, fervently pro-Russian Mexican government is soon shelling Mexican villages and “accidentally” hitting US border stations.

Then one day it shells San Diego CA and kills a US citizen in his yard….

Questions –

1. Would the US really have done nothing before this?

2. Even it it had, what does it do now?

Ukraine has been trying to drag Russia into this war for weeks. If this tragically pointless Russian death means it has succeeded then it could be the Sarajevo moment for 2014. The start of a proxy war between Russia and NATO.

Let’s hope not.