Slavyangrad, the Hero City. Two Stories From the Front.


Note from Oleg Tsarev. “Deputat” – the Defender of Slavyansk.
July 3, 2014

Video: Revelations from a Heavily Wounded Militiaman

His name is Victor Nikolaevich. His radio call-name is “Deputat.” He is a resident of Slavyansk that rose up to defend his land. He is 56 years old. Now he is undergoing treatment in one of the Donetsk hospitals. He received a terrible wound in his abdomen. In the course of the operation, the surgeons removed virtually his entire colon. He barely speaks, with many interruptions. It is hard for him to talk. But he wants to talk, to tell about so many things – too much has remained unspoken and accumulated over the last few months. More, in fact, than he had over the course of half a century of his life.

“As for me, I was born in Russia, in Bashkiria, in the city of Ufa. I came…

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