Poem by Anonymous Children of Slavyansk, July 1, 2014


Foreword: Over 40 children have died in Novorossiya to date as a result of the relentless, ruthless artillery shelling of cities, towns, villages, and settlements by the Ukrainian army. Ukrainian government admits only 4 such deaths. The poem below was written and read by those children who survive. Read it along with them, when the video shows children’s drawings.

Translated by Gleb Bazov                              Children of Slavyansk

And I was killed in Slavyansk-town                    Меня убили под Славянском.
When I hit only seven years.                            Мне было семь неполных лет.
My mom and dad along with me,                      Со мной убиты мама с папой,
My grandma, grandpa perished   …

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