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If your lies keep finding you out – stop lying

Look at the creeping chaos of the Western narrative. yesterday Putin was “beating a retreat.” Today he has been “winning all the battles”. He “acts and the west (sometimes) reacts.” Yesterday he was the loser. Today, he’s the man with Ukraine, and maybe the world, in the palm of his hand.

This increasingly mad, dissociated, endlessly evolving and self-contradicting storyline is reflecting a real sense of vulnerability – not to Putin, but to the inexorable power of the truth. The purveyors of the official line can’t control the narrative any more. Their lies find them out almost before the ink is dry. They panic, they feel afraid – and they decide it’s all Putin’s fault.

Think again guys. If your lies keep finding you out – stop lying maybe.

Here’s an example from a recent Guardian article…

Putin ordered the ditching of Ukraine’s political and trade pacts with the EU

No, that’s a lie. Putin did not “order the ditching of Ukraine’s political and trade pacts with the EU.” When Yanukovych was approached to make a deal with Brussels, it wasn’t Russia that said “either us or them”, it was the EU. Russia would have been happy for a joint deal. The EU said no.

So the truth is actually the opposite of the Guardian’s claim. It should read. “The EU ordered the ditching of Ukraine’s political and trade pacts with Russia.”

But the fundamental lie here is that Putin is in control. He isn’t. He isn’t “making Kiev look incompetent” for pete’s sake – they are incompetent. And controlled by vicious incompetents in Washington. But that truth – that the current situation is just down the West and its vicious, vindictive, incompetence – is not admissible, either emotionally or as part of policy. Every failure, every stupid plan gone wrong has to be blamed on Putin.
And it’s this denial, this insane adherence to an unbelievable and failed narrative that both allows the West to lose the “information war” and at the same time keep all the power. Because the west (or at least Washington) is crazy.
Putin, and much of the reasoning world is in a standoff. And in any standoff the power doesn’t lie with the smartest or sanest, it lies with the craziest, the most reckless, the most stupid. Because the smart sane people are constrained by their wish for some kind of positive outcome. The crazy and the stupid will oftentimes only want to “win,” at any cost, even if “winning” involves annihilating hundreds of people, even if “winning” means bringing the world to the brink of Armageddon. Even if they are not sure what “to win” even means any more.

One thought on “If your lies keep finding you out – stop lying

  1. HI, LA CHATTE NOIRE! Thank you for your opinion! I would add a couple of things streaming out of what you have said. 1. We, almost everybody in Russia, absolutely believe that US wants just to destroy or disintegrate us. 2. They don’t do it themselves looking us in the eye, but via remote-controlled Ukraine, our family member 3. Our hope is only for the common sense that is still preserved in China (one of the few powers left in this world that can stand its ground) and public opinion that still exists despite all media effort. Good luck to you:)


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