Reality / Ukraine

Looking for the truth about Odessa

The most crucial thing to do in the next days and weeks is to try and establish the truth of what happened in Odessa. Letting faux narratives develop that favour one side is something that just isn’t acceptable in a situation as ghastly as this one.

So many strands to clarify and pursue.

  • How and where did the violence begin? Too many conflicting stories.
  • Was it really preplanned? Are the stories of large numbers of “ultras” and Right Sector being bussed in true?
  • Who were the guys with the red armbands? Were they anti-fascists or provocateurs? Why were some of the police wearing the same armbands?
  • Who was the shooter filmed on the roof?
  • How many people died? Can it really be as many as 300?
  • Is there any truth in the allegations of cover-up? Is it true some of the people were burned to conceal assassination-type gunshot wounds.How many older people, women and children were there?
  • How many people were arrested and why? Why only the survivors and none of the attackers?

TBH one thing that’s proved really shocking about it is the preparedness of so many people in the west to look the other way. To see real, genocidal fascism on display, to see people butchered simply for being “colorados” – and to just turn away, close your eyes and pretend it was something else. – That’s a bridge too far. Once you do that you have become something beyond hope. Apology for fascism is fascism.

And yet most of our mass media and our politicians have done just that. It’s official – neo-nazism is now ok. The US/EU will fund and support governments with neo-nazis members, endorse the creation of neo-nazi militia, even endorse that militia murdering unarmed civilians.

The only problem they have is in using the world. Call your nazism “nationalism” and we’ll be talking business.

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